Mailerity: Great Time Saver

I am blown away with Mailerity. Now getting sign ups in various programs. Got to be a 1st.

So what is Mailerity?

M@ilerity is a Viral Mailer and a Special Marketing tool made to help You sending your emails through Various Viral Mailers much Faster.

M@ilerity is the Most Simple Way to send your messages to Thousands of Viral Mailer Users

A Great Tool to save your time.
M@ilerity is a tool to accelerate your Message sending time to all the Viral Mailers that You are subscribed to.

Save Mail Messages, Banners and text ads to be used on your subscribed Viral Mailers.
You can pick your mailers from a list and You can suggest more if they are not on our list.

Set the “Sending Time” for each Mailer to save You even more of your precious Time!

M@ilerity has a Built-in Downline builder..All your sponsored members will be shown your referral IDs for every listed Mailer.

Our Core script can simplify and quicken the joining, accessing and sending the process to many Viral Mailers.

Innovative Commission Structure
Our Commission Plan is made to increase 10% every few Sales made.
Sometimes just one sale is enough to increase the commission of the next sale!

Affordable Cost
Unlike other similar on line tools, our Monthly and Yearly cost is extremely Affordable

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